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Several observations correlate Ku70/80 heterodimer function, DNA repair and tumor development (Difilippantonio et al., 2000), but no direct evidences of Ku70/80 activity in human tumor tissues Invitrogen Anti-Ku70/Ku80 Monoclonal (162), Catalog # MA1-21818. Tested in Immunofluorescence (IF), Immunocytochemistry (ICC), Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin) (IHC (P)) and Flow Cytometry (Flow) applications. This antibody reacts with Human, Mouse, Non-human primate, Rat, Xenopus laevis samples. Supplied as 500 µL purified antibody (0.2 mg/mL). of the Ku70/80 heterodimer in vitro.

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(2012) explored the role of Ku70/80 more closely and found that the C-terminal region of the Ku80 subunit is the main structural element that forms the interactions important to the function of Ku70/80 in bringing together the broken DNA ends. The data from Bennett et al. is consistent with the crystal structure as determined by Walker 2015-01-01 KU70/80, DNA-PKcs, and Artemis are essential for the rapid induction of apoptosis after massive DSB formation Simplified, Ku70/80 complex is a sensor of DSBs that initiates the assembly of C-NHEJ complex to restore integrity of a DNA molecule. In fact, the role of Ku70/80 proteins is highly complex and integrates different aspects of DNA repair.

Ku70/80 mediates a recognition of DNA breaks to initiate nonhomologous end joining, an important DNA repair mechanism for maintaining genomic integrity. Our study describes dynamic movements of the S The Ku protein has a critical function in the repair of double-strand DNA The minimal functional interaction domain of Ku80 that interacted with Ku70 was  1 Jun 2018 The Ku70/80 heterodimer (also named Lupus Ku autoantigen protein p70 The Ku70/80 has a role in double-stranded break repair pathway,  6 Oct 2020 Knockdown of Ku70 or Ku80 in naïve mice elicited mitochondrial collapse or ER stress, leading to bronchial epithelial cell apoptosis and  5 Dec 2016 to be critical in hepatitis B, Ku70/80 sensing of HBV DNA likely plays a critical role in immune cell recruitment in response to HBV infection.

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Ku70/Ku80 Antibodies The protein encoded by this gene is the 80-kilodalton subunit of the Ku heterodimer protein which is also known as ATP-dependant DNA helicase II or DNA repair protein XRCC5. XRCC5 (X-Ray Repair Cross Complementing 5) is a Protein Coding gene. Diseases associated with XRCC5 include Viral Exanthem and Werner Syndrome.Among its related pathways are Cytosolic sensors of pathogen-associated DNA and DNA damage_NHEJ mechanisms of DSBs repair.Gene Ontology (GO) annotations related to this gene include transcription regulatory region DNA binding. Ku70 (also known as XRCC6 Structural analysis of the Ku70/80 heterodimer bound to DNA indicates that subunit contacts lead to the formation of a highly charged channel through which the DNA passes without making any contacts with the DNA bases .

Functional organisation of the cell nucleus in the fission - DiVA

Ku70 80 function

Ku has been suggested to function in base excision repair (BER), which repairs DNA base damage, apurinic/apyrimidic (AP) sites and single-strand breaks (SSBs) . Cells deficient in Ku70 and Ku80 were sensitive to reactive oxygen species (ROS) and alkylation damage producing agents that result in base lesions and SSBs . KU70 (-/-) and DNA-PKcs (-/-/-)chicken DT40 cells are reportedly highly sensitive to the DNA topoisomerase II inhibitor etoposide. Here we report that KU70 and DNA-PKcs unexpectedly function together during the induction of apoptosis after exposure to high levels of etoposide. In the presence of 100 microM etoposide, apoptosis was induced within 1 h in wild type DT40 cells but not in KU70 (-/-) and DNA-PKcs (-/-/-) cells. Concomitantly, DNA-bound Ku70/80 proteins serve as a docking platform for sequential binding of C-NHEJ components and for an array of proteins mediating the DNA-damage response.

Ku70 80 function

and the limited processing of your personal data in order to function. Regulation of telomere length by fatty acid elongase 3 in yeast: Involvement of inositol phosphate metabolism and Ku70/80 function Suriyan Ponnusamy, Nathan L. Alderson, Hiroko Hama, Jacek Bielawski, James C. Jiang, Rashna Bhandari, Solomon H. Snyder , S. Michal Jazwinski, Besim Ogretmen Ku70 functions in addition to nonhomologous end joining in pancreatic β-Cells. Omid Tavana, Nahum Puebla-Osorio, Jiseong Kim, Mei Sang, Stella Jang, Chengming Zhu. Ku70, to discover the effect of cellular responses to DNA damage in pancreatic β-cells on … Abstract In this study, the ku70 and ku80 homologs from the Aspergillus niger genome were identified and their function was analyzed using targeted mutagenesis.
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We also present the first observation in real-time that Ku70/80 is visualized at DSBs induced by sparsely ionizing radiation. This study highlights Ku70 as an important player not only in maintaining genomic stability through NHEJ-dependent functions, but also in regulating pancreatic β-cell proliferation, a novel NHEJ-independent function. Description. KuP70/P80 Human Recombinant produced in SF9 insect cells is a glycosylated, polypeptide chain having a molecular mass of 70,638 Dalton for the p70 subunit and 83,528 Dalton for the p80 subunit. Ku (P70/P80) is expressed with a -6xHis tag and purified by proprietary chromatographic techniques.

We further defined the function of the Ku70 and Ku80 C-terminal. domains in DNA end binding and  Taken together, these data suggest that Ku70/80 plays a role at DSB ends even when HR is the preferred repair pathway. Once Ku recruits DNA-PKcs to the  comprised of two subunits, Ku70 and Ku80, that is best characterized for its central role as the initial DNA end binding factor in the ''classical'' non- homologous  In the first step, Ku70/80 heterodimer binds the DNA ends (the end-binding activity of protein kinase (DNA-PK) to the DSBs, activating its kinase function [1] . The information may be useful in examining the function of the Ku complex, as well Pull-down analysis with cytosolic proteins identified Ku70 and Ku80 as the   16 Apr 2020 Most bacteria and archaea harbor a single KU gene encoding a protein homodimer, while the related KU70 and KU80 genes encode the two  15 Apr 2011 The functional analysis of IFNL1 promoter revealed that To determine the roles of Ku70 and Ku80 in the activation of IFNL1, we applied  29 Aug 2018 For instance, cytoplasmic Ku70 independent of Ku80 suppresses the dimerization of Ku70 and Ku80 and to the nuclear transport function,  In particular, the invention relates to small-molecules which function as inhibitors of Ku70/80 protein and the non-homologous end-joining (NHEJ) pathway, and  The molecular function of Pso2p in DNA repair is unknown, but yeast and In addition, Ku70 and Ku80 null animals have growth defects and premature  So basically edge server plays a role to make the computational decisions ahead of time, sending only filtered data to the cloud, saving both time and money.
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Supplied as 500 µL purified antibody (0.2 mg/mL). The Ku70/80 heterodimer rapidly responds to DSBs, stimulating recruitment of downstream NHEJ factors to protect, process, and ligate broken DNA ends. Work in our lab has shown that a D192A/D195R mutation in helix five of the Ku70 von Willebrand A (vWA) domain leads to an NHEJ defect.

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Heterodimers of the 70 and 80 kDa Ku autoantigens (Ku70 and Ku80) activate the DNA‐dependent protein kinase (DNA‐PK).